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Happy 2013!    
Happy new year! Yeah, we're a little late...oops!

A new year of Furbowls has started, and spring is coming, which means BBQ meets, Camp Furst State, and more! Check the Furry Meets forum to makes sure you are up to date on what's going on in the Furst State!
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Happy Holidays!    
Winter is here!

We have a great New Year's Furry Ball planned for you this year! Come ring in the new year with us!
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Fall is here!    
Summer is over, and the leaves are changing color. Check out the Furry Meets forum forum for info on all kinds of fun fall meets!

We've been working hard at planning the New Year's Furry Ball for this winter! Keep your eyes peeled for info on what is sure to be a great party!
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Summer Furry Fun    
Summer is on its way, which means con season is in full swing! Will we see you at Anthrocon? Let us know in the AC 2013 thread!

Important news regarding the Delaware Furbowl was just posted in our post-meet report from Furbowl 44. Check it out and share your thoughts. We're not sure what the future of the Furbowl will be yet, but either way, our commitment to running the best furry meets possible remains strong!

As always, there will be no Furbowl in June due to Anthrocon. We will see you again in July! In the meantime, make sure you check out all of our other meets: movies, dinner, and more, on the Furry Meets forum.
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Winter is coming. But that's not a bad thing! The Furst State has lots of cold-weather events to keep you entertained!

First up is Delaware Furbowl 41, on December 2nd. As always, this event promises to be a ton of fun! If you can't make this month's, don't fret--the calendar of Furbowls for 2013 has been posted, so you can make your plans in advance for future events!

In even bigger news, the New Year's Furry Ball is back this year! We're back at the Embassy Suites on route 896 in Newark, and this year's event promises to be the best one yet! Make sure you pre-register and reserve your room fast! You can do both on our New Year's Furry Ball website. Check it out!

Last but not least, members are planning plenty of other events to keep you entertained, if not warm, during these chillier months! Check out the Furry Meets forum for info on movie meets, lunch and dinner meetups, Furry Fridays, and more!
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