The Delaware Furry Community! Established in 2005

The Delaware Furbowl is a bowling event hosted multiple times a year by us here at The Furst State.
The event sometimes draws over 200 people from the tri-state area and beyond;
with the average number of attendees at about 150.
The largest Furbowl to date was Furbowl 47, which drew 215 attendees. 
Below you can find upcoming bowling dates and the RSVP link!

Dates for 2019 are coming soon!

2018 Furbowl Dates

January - N/A
February - 3rd
March - N/A
April - N/A
May - 19th
June - N/A
July - N/A
August - 4th
September - 29th
October - N/A
November - 3rd
December - N/A

Click here to RVSP to the next Furbowl.

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