The Delaware Furry Community! Established in 2005

The Furst State or TFS is Delaware's regional furry community, though it has members from surrounding states as well such as Pennsylvania and Maryland.

TFS was founded by Pockets in 2005 as a small message board, and branched off into its own dedicated forum after enough members expressed interest. As of January 2011, the TFS forum consisted of approximately 330 registered users. In 2015 the Telegram group was formed in order to bring the community closer together with a more consistently active chat room. As of 2018 a Discord chat was added for voice and video communications.

Throughout the year TFS members regularly attend meetups that are hosted by locals within the state. You can find information on these events by clicking here. The community is moderated by a board of directors, click here for more information on who they are.

TFS is a non-discriminatory community and has members from a wide variety of backgrounds. The community seeks to engage creative minds in the pursuit of education, entertainment, and bettering our society. 

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