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Forum Rules
Please adhere to the following rules when posting:

Bannable Offenses:
1) Flaming, trolling, or generally being stupid.
2) Please don't link to any porn, exploit sites, or goatse.
3) Harassment or threats of any nature, against any member.

Warning Offenses:
1) Please don't put huge, animated pictures OR gigantic blocks of text in your signatures. Banners are okay.
2) Do not perpetuate drama on the forums. This includes messages in signatures, avatars, etc.

1) Keep obscene language to a minimum, and keep your posts safe for all ages. Conversations of an adult nature should be taken to PM.
2) If you quote a post with a picture in it, please change the [img] tags to [url].
3) If you're going to post a huge picture (such as a wallpaper), please provide just a link or a thumbnail.
4) Please don't use excessive, annoying HTML/PHP tags in your posts. No one wants to see scrolling, blinking, rainbow, 64pt text!
5) Don't put your e-mail down, spambots love that. Write it as something like yourname at host dot com.
6) New members, please start an introduction thread so we can get to know you! We're a growing community, and love our newbies.
7) Be nice. Discussion, disagreement, and debate is okay, but nastiness and personal attacks will get you temporarily booted.
8) Your posts will be hard for people to read if you post them entirely in colored text. Doing this sometimes is OK, but please try and refrain from doing it every time you post!

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